Business Clothing Suppliers Sussex

SBS Branding can either screen print or offer transfer printed designs and text on to clothing. We will discuss with our clients the most appropriate and cost effective method to achieve the desired result.


Screen printing is normally the preferred option if a large design is required or if the design has a number of colours, and is very economical on large print runs. Screen printing produces excellent results on t-shirts, and other garments. Screen printing works best on cotton or poly/cotton fabrics. One print screen is required for each colour printed per design. For example, a one colour front and back print requires two screens if the design on the front is different to the design on the back.

If your garment is coloured we will need to print a base white (‘flash print’) first so that your design is shown in its true colours without the garment colour showing through the print. This will mean the addition of another colour to the print price.

Please note that two or more colour printing is available on 24+ garments.


We want to make your clothing printing exactly as you would like to see it and to help us achieve that high standard we need to receive your artwork in the correct format. The quality of the finished job is entirely dependent on the quality of the original artwork. If we receive your artwork in one of the following formats we usually do not have to make any artwork charge. This is decided on a design by design basis, we will let you know the costs of any redraws before we commence work.

We work with Illustrator and corel draw files; we would like to receive artwork in colour separated EPS files, fonts must be converted to curves or outlines. All MAC artwork must be saved to a PC format. Please advise pantone colours if possible.

If you are unable to obtain vector based artwork, artwork MUST be of a larger size than the final print, and of a suitable DPI so as not to cause pixilation when being manipulated, usually 300 DPI+. If you are unable to supply artwork in this format, re-drawing of artwork and design origination will be charged at £20 per hour. In such cases please supply us with a Jpeg, which you can email to us,


A separate silk screen is required for each colour in your design. Each screen costs £25 + VAT to prepare and is held for 12 month after the job has been printed. If your garment is coloured we will need to print a base white first so that your design is shown in its true colours. This will require an extra screen, but at a reduced setup cost of £20 + VAT. We do not charge a repeat origination charge if a job is repeated within a year.

Just a few reasons why it is worth having clothing printing:

  • You are advertising your company wherever you or your staff go
  • Your staff will look smarter and more professional.
  • It gives you and your customers greater security.
  • It gives your company a higher profile with the people who matter – existing and potential clients.